Camping gadgets

Clever accessories for life in the wild

Gadgets – these are small technical objects, which are characterized by special refinement. For campers, there is also this year’s interesting new accessory – we were looking for six gadgets out for you. Decide for yourself: Enriches the respective subject of your individual camping projects useful or meaningful, so you can give it a corner precious storage space in the holiday luggage?

BioLite Camp Stove – burned frugal everything organic and converts heat into an actual electrical energy.

This camping stove presents itself with 21 cm diameter and a light weight of 900 grams in a futuristic design. A thermoelectric generator contributes to the rapid temperature – may be fired next to wood and paper, grass and pine cones. An empty toilet roll fire starter? That’s when camping ecologically correct!

Energetic synergy effect: A USB port lets you charge your smartphone at Camp Stove – depends on device type and state of charge, the average load time is to fully charge in about 2 hours. Check here for rent a car Sofia

Other campers have experienced that defective items can not be ordered for this gadget.

The BioLite Camp Stove costs around 160 euros and it is available to buy online, for example at Globetrotter or Amazon.

Knaus appointed new sales partner for campers

A positive development for our product portfolio

With the new year to 2015, the offer of the leisure center will expand Albrecht: We are new trading partner of Knaus Tabbert GmbH, a well-known manufacturer of motorhomes and caravans. Already the new year beginning we will present the first vehicles by Knaus in our vehicle exhibition in Winsen (Luhe). We are very excited about this step and hope many customers to be able to inspire for the vehicles of Knaus.

A brief announcement of our new trading partner

In a brief statement writes Paul Geominy, sales manager of Knaus Tabbert GmbH, this to our future cooperation:

We are pleased with the Leisure Center Albrecht as one of the largest motorhomes and caravans commercial establishments in Lower Saxony, to have gained another Distributor Knaus motorhomes. We were able to offer our customers an even better network of qualified dealers and now cover the range from Hamburg to Bremen and Hannover completely.

The Leisure Center Albrecht is 25 years for a wide range of modern recreational vehicles available. Six days a week you will find competent partners around the mobile leisure. To get a first impression, you can also rent campers. Of particular importance, however, the new partner is us also because of its excellent service and well-equipped service department. Parts and accessories of all kinds as well as a recognized Fiat service center round off the range.

We are convinced that we have hereby made an important step towards optimizing our dealer network and look forward to a long partnership.

See also we are the leisure center Albrecht against the common future as new trading partners with joy and thank you for the trust you have placed.